Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama's mother-in-law to freeload at the White House

I understand the taxpayer supporting President Obama and his immediate family. That is part of the contract I think Americans have with their President. Why do we have to provide free room and board to his mother-in-law? That is just wrong. I wonder if his illegal Aunt in Boston will be moving in too?

Barack Obama's mother-in-law to join first family as it moves into White House

By LISA TOLIN | Associated Press Writer
6:08 PM CST, January 9, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) — Get ready for the in-law in chief. President-elect Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, is moving into the White House at least temporarily to join Michelle Obama and the two children, transition officials said Friday. That's good news not just for late-night comics, but for 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha. During the campaign, Robinson retired from her job as a bank executive secretary to help care for her granddaughters.

"Mrs. Robinson will be coming with the family to help the girls get acclimated, and she will determine in the coming months whether or not she wants to stay in D.C. permanently," said Katie McCormick Lelyveld, spokeswoman for Michelle Obama. Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

And how dare those darn Obama kids move into the White House! Why should we taxpayers pay for them! Make them camp out on the lawn I say! Redneck, could you possibly get more petty?