Tuesday, October 12, 2010

British billionaire Alki David balks at paying idiot streaker

He ran naked at an Obama rally in hopes of collecting one million dollars. Now, billionaire and Obama supporter Alki David is balking at paying the cash. The moral to this story is, "Never trust an Obama supporter."

The NY Daily News reported:
British billionaire Alki David was balking Monday at paying Juan Rodriguez, 24, the cash prize for his commando-in-chief stunt Sunday in Philadelphia.

"It's still not confirmed," David, 42, told the Daily News on Monday. "Whether he was in earshot and eyesight of the President is what's being debated right now."

He said it was not clear if Obama even noticed Rodriguez dashing through the massive outdoor crowd in his birthday suit with the name of David's website, Battlecam.com, written on his chest.

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