Saturday, October 9, 2010

DHHS Scrubs Sebelius Obamacare Lie From Website

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a whopper in a speech posted on the DHHS website. She claimed there would be more Medicare Advantage plans to choose from next year than this year. After being called out on the lie by Senator Grassley, DHHS altered the text without noting the change.

Politico reported:
Sebelius had told an AARP conference in Orlando last week that next year “there will be more Medicare Advantage plans to choose from,” according to prepared remarks e-mailed to reporters and posted on HHS’s website on Monday. Grassley’s staff asked HHS to back up the statement, an aide to the senator, who has long been skeptical of Democrats’ claims about the health law’s impact, told POLITICO.

As Grassley’s office was drafting a formal letter to Sebelius questioning the claim, the speech text was altered on the HHS web site without noting the change. The statement about more Medicare Advantage plans was deleted and now reads, “there will be more meaningful choices.” Read more here.

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