Monday, October 11, 2010

If you needed more motivation to vote, how does being called a "teabagger" by people whose salary you pay work for you?

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has released a “teabagger” election ad. There is nothing better than being insulted by those whose salary you pay with your tax dollars.

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Jim Allen III said...

I agree with you, the Progressive Liberal Oligarchy led by the puppet zerObama is playing the upper and lower ends of the middle class against one another. In their own sick little power struggle. The Spendcrats and NoRegsCans have both been infiltrated by the progressive preach tolerance unless it relates to us crowd.

Growing the Public sector to limits that exceed the Private sector that funds the Public sector is a ludicrous phenomenon we are faced with. Unionizing the Public sector was a classic divide and conquer move.

We must realize this is the culmination of a long term plan enacted in 1913 or a little before. Reversing or stopping this progressively Pro-Islam movement needs to become a priority of the people.

That means all of us and we must stop this class warfare whose flames are being fanned by the Super Elitist of the Bilderberger Group and their competitors breed.

Weakening America is the game plan and we need to Wake Up and realize that we are in a real fight for the Freedom and Liberty of future generations of Americans.