Sunday, October 3, 2010

Overhead Pictures Comparing 'One Nation' Rally to Glenn Beck 'Restoring Honor' Rally

Perhaps, they should have chartered 4000 buses, instead of 2000, and gave away ecstasy, instead of T-shirts.

One Nation rally

Restoring Honor rally

Pictures via Gateway Pundit.


Andilinks said...

There are no shadows for the Beck rally, it is overcast—no way to compare time of day… They will attack this, they attack everything with lies if they have no truths.

Unknown said...

They can try to attack it Andi, but there is no way anyone with more than 2 brain cells can think the number of union thugs and pinko commies that were bused in yesterday even comes close to Beck's rally.

andi said...

True Jenn. As I noticed after entering my first post, the face of the Lincoln Memorial in the Beck photo is lit quite brightly while in the One Nation photo it is clearly in the shadow so the one Nation photo must have been taken later than the Beck. Since the shadows seem to be oriented north to south it must have been near noon. The reflecting pool and the memorial are oriented to the cardinal directions.