Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Supremes Wrestle With Westboro Church Funeral Protests

I am all for freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest. However, protesting a private funeral is just wrong. As if it could get any worse, the Westboro Baptist Church is protesting the funerals of military personnel who gave their lives protecting American's freedom. You can see the vile and hateful signs they carry in the above picture. I was raised in a Baptist church. I am not sure what religion the members of Westboro Baptist Church are practicing, but it isn't Baptist. Being cruel to grieving families shouldn't be condoned by any Christian or the Supreme Court.

The Miami Herald
The court did not clearly tip its hand during the hour-long oral argument in the case pitting Westboro Baptist Church against a grieving Pennsylvania father. Several justices did, however, hint that the 2006 funeral protest was lawful even if obnoxious.

“Didn’t they stand where the police told them to?” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted at one point, adding that the protest “was with the knowledge and permission of the police.” But to underscore the case’s difficulty, Ginsburg herself later questioned whether the First Amendment should “tolerate” what she termed “exploiting a private person’s grief” for the purpose of getting attention.

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mydyisgod said...

shame on you westboro church....our God is a forgiving and loving God. I pray the Lord forgives you all.......