Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why Conservatives Should Abandon the NRA

The NRA is supporting 64 House Democrats this election cycle. They dumped their support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid due to his support of Obama's liberal anti-gun Supreme Court nominees. I believe the NRA is taking the wrong course. First, Democrats can not be trusted when push comes to shove. Harry Reid is a prime example of a top Democrat who betrayed the NRA's support when Obama needed him. Second, electing House Democrats will help keep Nancy Pelosi in the Speakers chair. The NRA has rightly given Nancy Pelosi an "F" on second amendment rights. In an effort to maintain a nonpartisan label, the NRA has lost sight of the big picture. Supporting House Democrats is supporting Nancy Pelosi's position as Speaker of the House. Pelosi has proven time and again she can strong-arm and flip enough 'blue dogs' to pass anything she wants. Conservatives and gun rights supporters should consider dropping their support of the NRA.

CNN reports via Breitbart:

Gun Owners of America is another possibility for Conservatives who want to support gun rights.

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