Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MSM Bias: MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Won’t Read Chart That Says “Black Separatists” Are A Hate Group

The chart was provided by the left leaning Southern Poverty Law Center. It was to be used to spin extremism and terrorism away from Islam. When Uygur got to the third line, “Black Separatists”, on the chart of 'Hate Groups in US', he hesitated and said, that doesn't make any sense. Then, he abandoned the chart and went to his guest.

The hilarity starts at about the 01:30 mark.

In this segment, Cenk Uygur seems to credit Muslims with thwarting the Times Square bomber. That is not correct. The Times Square bomber was thwarted because he was, thankfully, to stupid to make a bomb that worked. If the bomb has successfully detonated, dozens of people would have died. Muslims did not prevent that possibility. It is unclear how Uygur can claim Muslims are responsible for the Times Square bomber's arrest. Police traced back the car to the seller. Then, identified the bomber easily because he used his real name and email.


Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

Who is this guy? Is he a "fill in"? or is he a new host?

He'll fit right in with MSNBC.

A couple of points, to be honest, I couldn't stand to watch more than a couple of minutes of the video, but the first thing that struck me as odd was his criticism of King's "too many mosques" comment. I guess a person isn't allowed to have their own opinion in our Country anymore.

Then he claimed that 48 out of 120 cases of homegrown terrorism was thwarted because of information supplied by muslims. To me, that kind of bolsters King's statement quoted by Uygur a few seconds earlier, about there not being enough cooperation from muslims. 48 out of 120? Not even half.

Then Uygur tells his audience about an "explosive rise" in the number of hate groups over the last year, and then claims they are from the "extreme right".

What a joke!!

Then he shows the list:

KKK (started by the LEFT, just for the record Mr Uygur, and STILL a LEFT wing group)

Neo Nazis-This always gets me. This is conclusive proof of the indoctrination going on in our Country. The Nazis were LEFT wing, not right wing. How can you tell? Just read up on it folks, the Nazis controlled EVERYTHING. They were communist, only with another name. The rewritting of history on the TV, radio, in our schools and within our Government is absurd.

Black Seperatists- 96% of voting blacks voted for Obama, need anything else be commented?

White Nationalists-These groups should have been lumped in with the Neo Nazis

Racist Skinheads-Same comment as White Nationals

Neo Confederate-Anyone who believes that "Confederates" is a right wing group, then reread the comment after Neo Nazis above

So my question to Mr Uygur is, Where are the "extreme" right wing groups on your list?

Anonymous said...

That was a superb find by mediaite.com.

What's even more hilarious, is that when you actually look at the SPLC's own numbers and do the math for yourself, the SPLC is claiming that "Black Separatists" are the LARGEST single category of "hate group" in the country today.


Two-thirds of them turn out to be Nation of Islam chapters, i.e., Muslims.

So exactly what is the SPLC trying to say?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Cenk is biased but @Intrested Bystander is wrong about the Nazi's Hitler hated the Communist and Communism. Left and Right are terms that can mean different things in different contexts.

Far right is commonly defined as
a belief that superiority and inferiority is an innate reality between individuals and groups — and a complete rejection of the concept of social equality as a norm.[2] Far right politics often support segregation; the separation of groups deemed to be superior from groups deemed to be inferior

Far-Left promotes social justice and egalitarianism more explicitly in language and sometimes in action,may exhibit opposition to and aggression towards stratified economic, political and social establishments, and is typically hostile towards people who are associated with a stratified establishment.