Friday, March 4, 2011

NJ Gov. Chris Christie about Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: "He's a disaster."

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Illinois thinks they can steal business away from New Jersey. Is he serious? Illinois just the raised the individual income tax rate by about 66 percent and business tax rate by 46 percent.
(AP via Yahoo)- Gov. Chris Christie said Friday that he's not worried about businesses leaving for Illinois because Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is "a disaster." Christie's comments come as ads are set to appear in several New Jersey publications on Monday, including NJ Biz, criticizing the state's business climate. They were paid for by the advocacy group For a Better Chicago and are in retaliation for an ad campaign Christie launched to encourage businesses in Illinois to relocate to New Jersey.

"Let me tell you something: We won't lose any business to Illinois as long as Pat Quinn's the governor," Christie, a Republican, said during a news conference Thursday. "He's a disaster."

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