Monday, July 6, 2015

Chutzpah: WH blames Republicans for 5X deported illegal alien accused in SF homicide...

Go big with your lies or stay home...

Via Breitbart
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is blaming Republicans after an illegal immigrant who was reportedly deported five times  was charged with murder in California.
When asked by reporters about critics of President Obama’s immigration enforcement policies, Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.
From the comments at Breitbart:
As an employee of ICE who deals with criminal aliens - I can tell you first hand the White House created this situation. They destroyed secure communities and 287(g). ICE employees are utterly demoralized having seen years of good law enforcement work get gutted by politicians and left wing judges with agendas. The blood of anyone killed by illegal aliens is on Obama and his team.
What a crock. If the gang of eight bill had passed, this illegal would have been put on the path to citizenship because he hadn't been convicted of any violent felonies. It's a shame no reporters questioned this blatant lie.
This killer was in a liberal Sanctuary city of San Francisco . They protect all illegals no matter what they have done. They refused to turn this creep over to ICE. They let him run free to kill an innocent young woman. These liberals are sick in the head.
As a side note, anyone Democrat or Republican, who tells you they want to secure the border, but don't want to build a very secure fence across the entire length are lying to you through their teeth.

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