Monday, October 4, 2010

Rand Paul Skewers Jack Conway in Debate

Republican Rand Paul skewered Democrat Jack Conway in a FOX News Sunday debate held yesterday. Both men are seeking the Kentucky Senate seat vacated by retiring GOP Senator Jim Bunning. Paul called out Conway for his flip-flopping on Cap-and-Trade and and the Bush Tax Cuts. Rand Paul is up by 11-points in the latest Rasmussen poll of Likely Voters.

NRO reported:
Conway took a greater pounding from Wallace who mentioned Conway’s support for the cap-and-trade bill in the House, Waxman-Markey. Again, Conway objected, “I’m against cap-and-trade.” When Wallace cited an editorial in the Bowling Green Daily News which said Conway supported Waxman-Markey, Conway dismissed Wallace’s evidence and said, “I have been consistent.”

Paul saw the opening and seized it: “In June of last year, you issued a statement saying you supported the bill. . . . I met with you . . . [and you said] you could be part of fixing cap-and-trade.” Undeterred, Conway stonewalled: “I have been consistent in my position.”

Unfortunately for the Democrat, Wallace saw another flip-flop on the Bush tax cuts. He cited an article in the Louisville-Courier Journal in which Conway said “I would favor letting expire probably the majority of the Bush tax cuts,” before noting, “Now you’re for extending all of them.”

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