Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mind-Exploding Hypocrisy: UN Condemns Libya for Human Rights Violations

 What's Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix it (PWWS - Polity Whats Wrong series)

The UN Security Council voted unanimously to condemn Libya for gross human rights violations.
Late Saturday night, history was made in New York. Every member of the UN security council raised their hand to support a resolution condemning the gross violations of human rights in Libya.

They all voted not only to impose sweeping sanctions on Libya's rulers but also to refer the situation in the country to the international criminal court (ICC) for investigations into possible crimes against humanity.
Where is the mind-exploding hypocrisy, you ask? Libya was overwhelmingly voted a member of the UN Human Rights Council less than a year ago.
Astonishingly, in May 2010, in a secret ballot, Libya received a shocking 155 votes (out of 192 countries), and was elected to the UN Human Rights Council.

The world was certainly aware of the vast litany of domestic and international crimes committed by the Gadhafi regime. Even in the corridors of the UN there was occasional talk and concern about Libya’s human rights practices, such as extrajudicial and summary executions, systematic use of torture, and the imposition of the death penalty for political and economic offenses.
Moammar Gadhafi is the same person he was less than a year ago when he received 155 of 195 votes for the UN's Human Rights Council.


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