Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nanny State Alert: British couple denied the opportunity for foster kids because of Christian moral beliefs

British Union Jack (UK Great Britain) Country Flag: 3x5ft poly

This is coming soon to your neighborhood is you don't vote President Obama and liberal Democrats out of office. They want to mimic European-style socialistic countries and make America more like them.
(Telegraph)- Eunice and Owen Johns are a God-fearing Christian couple, married almost 40 years, who offered a secure and loving family home to foster children aged between five and 10. But they are to be denied the opportunity to do so any longer because they are unwilling to promote a homosexual lifestyle to a child.

Neither Mr nor Mrs Johns has anything against gay people but they are not in favour of sex before marriage, whatever an individual’s orientation. Their views were denounced by Ben Summerskill, of the homosexual pressure group Stonewall, as “old-fashioned”. Yet not that long ago they would have been considered mainstream and they are, in any case, the strongly held religious views of the couple....

...Astonishingly, the High Court suggested that it was not so much their Christian faith as the moral certainties of the Johns that were potentially harmful to children.

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Anonymous said...

What can you expect out of the British? They have been so far left for so long that they do not know what normal people actually thing. Most of all they obviously do not care what God thinks and quite possibly do not believe there is one... America is not much better of late. Everything is being geared toward the gay life style, as we sure do not want to offend anyone... How about Us consertative Christians being offended????