Monday, October 31, 2011

Barney Frank is thinking about sexting his supporters or something

As is anyone needed another reason to not support Barney Frank. The idea of getting sexts from him is enough to send shivers down even a diehard liberals spine!
FRANK’S EFFUSIVE THANK YOU: Lawmakers penning their appreciation for campaign contributions comes with the territory when raising millions of dollars, but Rep. Barney Frank took it to the next level with a recent thank you note obtained by POLITICO. “I thought about lip-synching Eddie Fisher’s version of 'Danke Schoen' on YouTube. Other possibilities suggested themselves — some combination of friending, tweeting, texting and sexting,” Frank writes this month on trying to find new media ways of expressing his gratitude for long-time supporters. In the end, the Massachusetts Democrat says that he’ll have to work a little longer on his social media skills — but that he is “deeply grateful” for the supporters' help in “fend[ing] off last year’s right-wing onslaught.”

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