Monday, October 24, 2011

WH press secretary Jay Carney: If you liked our previous EO's, you haven't seen nothing yet

What ever happened to the rule of law?

From Politico 44:
Some highlights from White House press secretary Jay Carney’s Q&A with reporters on Monday:
  • Carney said that “you’ll be seeing more of” the use of executive orders. “Why use it? Because we have to do everything we can,” he said of the economy
  • Carney swiped at Mitt Romney’s economic plan, saying: “What we firmly do not believe is that the answer is not to simply let the housing market bottom out and let investors come in and fix the problem. That’s not a solution. That’s a solution that basically says to middle-class Americans who have been responsibly paying their mortgage and who, through no fault of their own, have seen their economic situation get quite desperate because of the prices in the housing market that you’re on your own — tough luck, I’m not going to help you.”

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