Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rare October Snow Leaves 2.3 Million Customers Without Power in Northeast (video)

I know this is weather and not climate, but it's hard to spin weather like this as caused by man-made CO2 induced warming. I am sure some "warmist" somewhere is making that case this morning.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) -- An unseasonably early snowstorm that blanketed parts of states from Maryland to Maine, knocking out power to millions and snarling air and highway travel, was forecast to slowly move north out of New England and officials warned it could be days before many see electricity restored.

The heavy, wet October snow, falling atop leaf-laden trees and driven by frigid, gusting winds, brought down branches and power lines and put the Northeast on notice that winter is around the corner. More than 2.3 million customers from Maryland to New England lost power due to the storm by early Sunday.

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grisgris13 said...

Not boding well for a "normal" winter. I feel for those already affected. Help each other.

Earth changes are progressing, but not due to anything we humans with our lofty opinions of ourselves have done or will do. As the Universe changes, so does the Earth, we are carried along with the process.

For the CO2 believers, there is no way we can compete with the amount of CO2, methane and other gases given off naturally by this Planet, and the constant eruption of volcanoes (the largest producers of CO2) all over the Planet.