Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Herman Cain's Church is almost as bad as Obama's Reverend Wright's Church

Are all black churches led by a bunch of liberals? Perhaps this is the source of Herman Cain's "blacks are brainwashed" comment.

Atlanta (CNN) – Herman Cain has vaulted to the top of the polls as a Republican presidential candidate, but there’s one audience that may prove tougher for him to win over: his hometown church.

Cain, a conservative who recently said African-Americans were “brainwashed” into voting Democratic, is an associate minister at an Atlanta megachurch that has been a stronghold of liberal activism and is led by a pastor who cites Malcolm X as one of his influences.

Cain is a longtime member of Antioch Baptist Church North, which sits near the former college and home of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The church, founded by freed slaves 134 years ago, boasts 14,000 members and an operating budget of more than $5 million. For years Antioch has hosted a “who’s who” of civil rights activists as guest speakers, including Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young.

Antioch’s powerful senior pastor, the Rev. C.M. Alexander, doesn’t share Cain’s political philosophy, Atlanta clergy say. But Cain and Alexander are so close that Cain sang “The Impossible Dream” for the pastor’s 50th anniversary celebration. The Atlanta businessman-turned-presidential hopeful is well liked by many members of his church, though some disagree with his politics, Antioch pastors say.


S&B Digital Creations said...

Where is the proof to support your headline? I am sure rhat it is a liberal church but do not see how this church is anywhere as bad as Wright's church. You quote another article which has not shown any proof either. I would expect a headline like this from the Huff. Post.

christian soldier said...

thanks for the heads up--