Monday, October 17, 2011

How Michelle Obama Dissed the British Navy

During Michelle Obama's fabulous African vacation in Cape Town, South Africa:

A British Royal Navy ship was ordered to turn its guns around because they were parked pointing at a hotel room Michelle Obama was staying in.

Fearing the First Lady might be in danger, minders ordered the captain of the HMS Edinburgh stationed in Cape Town, South Africa, to switch them away from her five-star suite.

The U.S. agents have since been accused of overreacting after it emerged the Sea Dart missiles were, in fact, loaded with blanks having been used during a ceremony in honor of a sailor who had died.
As anti-British as President Obama has been, Michelle could have been considered a hostile target.

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SE Pepper said...

Humorous, however unintentional! If I were Michelle Obama, I would have probably made the same request, while sleepily gazing out over the scenery from the presidential suite-- "Um, why are those ship's launchers pointing at US? Get the commander on the phone, STAT-- and bring me a bear claw and latte!"