Friday, October 28, 2011

Global Warming Lunacy: Rising global temperatures will cause mass migrations as complicated as brain surgery

Calamitous results and brain surgery? The University of Florida needs to take a chill pill. (Pun wasn't intended, but I'll take it.)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Governments around the world must be prepared for mass migrations caused by rising global temperatures or face the possibility of calamitous results, say University of Florida scientists on a research team reporting in the Oct. 28 edition of Science.

If global temperatures increase by only a few of degrees by 2100, as predicted by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, people around the world will be forced to migrate. But transplanting populations from one location to another is a complicated proposition that has left millions of people impoverished in recent years. The researchers say that a word of caution is in order and that governments should take care to understand the ramifications of forced migration...

“The effects of climate change are likely to be experienced by as many people as disasters,” UF anthropologist Anthony Oliver-Smith said. “More people than ever may be moving in response to intense storms, increased flooding and drought that makes living untenable in their current location.”

“Sometimes the problem is simply a lack of regard for the people ostensibly in the way of progress,” said Oliver-Smith, an emeritus professor who has researched issues surrounding forced migration for more than 30 years. But resettlements frequently fail because the complexity of the task is underestimated. “Transplanting a population and its culture from one location to another is a complex process — as complicated as brain surgery,” he said.
I mam unaware of any mass migrations directly attributable to anthropogenic global warming.  I am equally unaware of any definitive proof of any actual anthropogenic global warming. At the end of the article we get to the real reason global warming will cause mass migrations.
In the coming years, he said, many projects such as hydroelectric dams and biofuel plantations will be proposed in the name of climate change, but moving people to accommodate these projects may not be the simple solution that policy makers sometimes assume.
That's right. Our 'chicken little' reaction to alleged anthropogenic global warming is going to cause mass migrations. That part is believable if our leaders don't come to their senses.

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