Friday, October 21, 2011

Obama's Bus Tour Fails: Senate Fails to Pass Scaled Back Jobs Bill

President Obama's desperate 'Plan B' is to break his doomed jobs bill into small pieces and try to get some part of it past the Senate. The problem is all these little parts come with a price tag and Obama is wanting a  tax increase to pay for it. That dog won't hunt with the GOP.
WASHINGTON – Despite a campaign-style push this week by President Barack Obama, the Senate on Thursday scuttled pared-back jobs legislation aimed at helping state and local governments avoid layoffs of teachers and firefighters.
Obama’s three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia — states crucial to his re-election race next year — didn’t change any minds among Senate Republicans, who filibustered Obama’s latest jobs measure to death just as they killed his broader $447 billion jobs plan last week.
The vote came in relation to a motion to simply take up the bill. Some Democrats who voted with the president, like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana, however, said they couldn’t support the underlying Obama plan unless it’s changed.
Thursday’s $35 billion measure combined $30 billion for state and local governments to hire teachers and other school workers with $5 billion to help pay the salaries of police officers, firefighters and other first responders. The White House says the measure would “support” almost 400,000 education jobs for one year. Republicans call that a temporary “sugar high” for the economy.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever figured out how to run a complex government the size and scope of The United States without a revenue stream?

This is something the Conservatives tried at about the time of The Continental Congress with their Articles of Confederation and this is what led to the strong central government under the Constitution and thenew Federal government that came about as a result.
Of course we all know that the only positive leadership agenda of the Republicans at this juncture is the defeat of Obama. That is their whole thing. They have publicly stated that as a fact. It is all they have to offer--obstructionism and nay saying.