Friday, October 21, 2011

Senate Democrats Filibuster Provision of President Obama’s Jobs Bill. What?

You read the headline right. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are now filibustering part of President Obama's jobs bill. President Obama said in his September 30th weekly radio address,
"Some Republicans in Congress have said that they agree with certain parts of this jobs bill. If so, it's time for them to tell me what those proposals are,"
Republicans tried to force a vote on part of the bill they like, but Democrats filibustered the vote.
Thursday night, Democrats filibustered a Republican-backed provision of President Obama’s jobs bill, because the GOP proposed to pay for it by slashing $30 billion worth of funds for federal programs. Republicans forced the vote to build a counter-narrative that Democrats don’t want to work with them on jobs legislation, even bits of Obama’s own plan.

But by tradition, it’s very rare for minority leaders to force votes on messaging legislation, and one Senate Democratic aide warned this will come back to haunt a future Republican majority.

“This is the Senate version of hardball,” the aide said Thursday night. “We can’t stop Republicans from getting their vote, but we can force them to set a precedent that might come back to bite them in the future.”

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Da Curly Wolf said...

socialist, elitist retards. I think the next time we have a major bunch of seats to be fought for[I don't think the number of seats for this 2012 election is that high] then if the person doesn't have small business experience, wasn't a SUCCESSFUL governor or isn't prior military..then they don't get voted anyone.