Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VP Joe Biden to Reporter: "Don't screw around with me"

 The reporter is from Human Events and he was asking Biden about comments claiming women would be raped if Republicans don't pass President Obama's jobs bill. Biden lied and said he only said rape was up. The first part of the video contains Biden's original comment. It is clear he is a liar.

Apparently, VP Joe Biden is miffed at being questioned about his questionable comments. 

The Hill reported:

Joe Biden’s office has complained to the Senate press gallery about a confrontation the vice president had with a conservative journalist last week on Capitol Hill.
Biden aides asked whether Senate rules were broken in the wake of the contentious exchange between the vice president and the reporter.
Jason Mattera, who works for Human Events, a conservative magazine, used a pretext to catch Biden off guard in a Senate hallway and grill him on claims the vice president has made about jobs legislation.
Biden’s office has also contacted the standing committee of correspondents, which oversees the gallery, regarding whether Mattera broke the rules by ambushing him.

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