Saturday, June 9, 2012

Too Good To Check: Charlie Crist Allegedly Paid Men To Cover Up Gay Affairs

From a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigative Report:
Chase had contacted Morgan, as Chase believed Morgan was the attorney representing Crist, to set up a time wherein Chase could depose Crist. In essence, indicated to Morgan that if he (Chase) had to take Crist's deposition, Crist was not going to like what Chase asked as it would contain embarrassing things and would be used to impeach his testimony. When Morgan inquired what embarrassing things Chase was referring to, Chase indicated that he would be forced to impeach Crist by addressing the following issues: 1. Charlie Crist was a homosexual and had homosexual relationships with at least two men who were paid to leave the state to avoid embarrassing then Governor Crist. 2. Governor Crist kissed or attempted to kiss Greer at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California, 3. Governor Crist's drunken escapades, and how Governor Crist's security detail had to cover for him 4. Governor Crist attempting to run people over while intoxicated and operating a golf cart. 
Charlie Crist is denying the allegations are true. Crist will always be a scumbag to Republicans for abandoning the party after losing the primary and running a failed independent campaign for a Senate seat.

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