Sunday, June 1, 2014

Report: FBI searching Left-wing SF activist Ryan Chamberlain after finding ricin and explosives...


ABC7 News reported:
Despite assurances, some residents are nervous after the FBI raided an apartment near Jackson and Polk in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood Saturday. Officials aren’t sharing much, but they are looking for the man who lives in that apartment,Ryan Chamberlain, and they say the operation they’re investigating is one of the largest ever in San Francisco.
The FBI believes Chamberlain is armed and dangerous. They are urging all local law enforcement to search for him and advising anyone that sees him to stay away and call for help. They believe his car could be rigged with explosives.
The FBI says it all started with a search warrant for a federal criminal investigation. No one was home when they arrived around 9 a.m. but authorities were at the scene for hours and stayed there late into the evening. At some point in in the evening, there was a loud bang. Sources say they were able to safely disrupt some sort of device.
Hazmat crews were also able to recover what appears to be a very large amount of ricin. Officials said the substance they found still needs to be tested to confirm that it is indeed ricin, but at this point they are working on confinement and collection.
Dressed in full hazmat suits and masks, investigators walked in and out of the Jackson Street ground-level apartment all day. Only ABC7 News was there as agents rigged a pulley system to remove a tool box from the one-bedroom unit then examined it in the courtyard. At one point, mobile x-ray machines and the bomb disposal robot were both used.
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