Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Linda McMahon Stumps Liberal Dick Blumenthal by Asking Him, "How You Create a Job" (Video)

Linda McMahon stumps liberal Dick Blumenthal by asking him the simple question, "How do you create a job?" Blumenthal stammers like an idiot. When he gets done, Linda McMahon schools him on the correct answer.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.


Anonymous said...

Another clueless lib who thinks government is the solution.

Anonymous said...

If te libs retain power, and tyrants like Blumenthal get elected then there is no hope for us because either the morons now outnumber people with the ability to think, or there is so much voter fraud committed by leftwingers that the voting process no longer matters.

Its beyond damn obvious who the Democrats are and what they intend to do to us.

aaronireland said...

She doesn't even answer her own retarded question. She gives a generic Econ 101 response. Where are these jobs being creating Linda? Because there certainly haven't been a lack of "risk taking" among "entrepreneurs" lately so where are the jobs?

"Government doesn't create jobs" and where's the evidence that unregulated industry DOES? Without the government there'd be no minimum wage, a scarcity of health benefits and absolutely NO guarantee we'd be in any better shape as far as the number of jobs available to Americans.

What a stupid question from a beast of a woman. This lady is a joke, standing up against corporate lobbying while pumping millions of lobbying dollars in to Washington. Ridiculous.

Yeah Linda, create some shit jobs that nobody but the immigrants you're deporting will work at... genius.

Anonymous said...


Whatever can be said about the Minimum Wage, the LAST thing ANY competent, reputable economist--from the Far Left or the Far Right and everywhere in between--is that it "creates jobs." It mandates that people be paid a certain amount. In other words, it mandates that if YOU cannot produce a certain value of goods or services per hour, YOU MAY NOT WORK AT ALL. In other words, you are forbidden to have a job.

There's no way such a law "creates jobs."

JohnnyO said...

aar - I agree that neither answer seems really 'strong'. BUT, since when did any government, anywhere make something 'akin' to a guarantee - and keep it?

We need fewer people telling us how to live - and taxing us DEARLY for the privilege (and then tacking on a few billion is BS unrelated pork spending projects) - and more people providing creative solutions to the problems this world faces.

I will take my chances with business over government ANYTIME.