Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RINO Rep. Cao Gets His Reward From Obama

Only one Republican cast a vote for Obamacare. It was Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao of Louisiana. He won the seat of "Cold Cash" Jefferson in November 2007. President Obama has now given Rep. Cao a formal thank you by making his first political ad of the fall election cycle for Cao's opponent Cedric Richmond.
Now, thanks to the indispensable daily Playbook of Politico's Mike Allen, the world knows that the very first campaign ad that Obama taped for this fall election cycle was to benefit Democrat Richmond against the Republican who enabled the White House to call healthcare passage bipartisan.

Here is the Obama video ad for Cedric Richmond.

I would like to feel sorry for Rep. Cao's betrayal by President Obama, but I don't. Anyone who sides with Obama or trusts him will eventually get just what they deserve.

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James H said...

A few things here. First you should note that CAO voted for against the Health Care Bill in the final vote when it came up because of abortion concerns. A vote that is hurting him in his district among democrats.

Second it is not at all clear if Cao would have voted yes the first time if his vote would have made a difference. It has been noted that he waited till the last possible second to vote which indicates the strong possibility that he could have been a no vote

Regardless Cao is a ethical pro life Congressman. He also is against Cap and Trade and a strong advocate against oppresive communinst regimes.

Cao is as good it gets in that district for Republicans.

People seemed to get upset when he said he personally liked the PResident. SO what I like people that are differ with me on issues. However he also noted in a debate that one must also have the courage to say no to the President.

This race could be winnable and I hope people send him a check