Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bill Maher on Olbermann Firing: "F*ck them if they don’t get a joke.”

Bill Maher: But I'm Not Wrong

Bill Maher sure uses a lot of sentence enhancers. They are very useful for people who have nothing intelligent to say.

Via Mediaite:
Maher, of course, was more animated, calling the idea that Olbermann leaving MSNBC was mutual “bullsh*t,” and saying the writing was on the wall when he toned down segments like “World’s Worst.” Maher’s reaction to that:
“Stop organizing life around the people who don’t get the joke. F*ck them if they don’t get a joke.”
Keith Olbermann will undoubtedly find another job. I hear Helen Thomas might be looking for a full-time Masseuse.


yardley said...

Rumor has it that aside from right wing managed Comcast's takeover at MSNBC, there is another reason for Olbermanns abrupt departure. Seems he was given the alternative of apologizing on air for implicating Sarah Palin and her kill the Democrats rhetoric for the Gifford shootings, or announce that it would be his last show.

Obviously Keith choose the latter option. In hindsight, perhaps we on the left HAVE been a little too quick to blame Glenn Beck, Palin and their ilk for fanning their followers to violence.

I post this in the hope that our overlords will read this and have a change of heart, and perhaps give Keith his job back if we all start heeling like good little puppies.

That in mind, I'll go first.

I apologize, Sarah, for calling you a corporate peter puffing bimbo whackjob illiterate. Sincerely.

Anonymous said...

hey stupid liberals. You don't get it do you. The Arizona shooter was from the left. This is a fact. What do you not understand you wackjobs!!!! I'm a liberal. And even I see how embarassing you idiots can be.