Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GOP Rep. Steve King on Obamacare: “We can bring about, in effect, a full repeal by just stopping the funding,”

The Obamacare Disaster
Rep. Steve King isn't giving up hope of repeal, That is the only way to permanently kill the bill and prevent it from coming back in the future. President Obama might as well return to the health care reform negotiating table. There is no way Republicans are going to fund this monstrosity after the voter backlash evidenced by the 2010 mid-term elections. 50% of all states are now suing to stop the bill. When Republicans cut off funding, Obamacare will become a three-legged stool with two of the legs sawed off.

(ABC News)- In the meantime, he said, Republicans can attack the law by cutting off funds for its implementation:

“We can bring about, in effect, a full repeal by just stopping the funding,” said King, R-Iowa. “It stops the collection of taxes and it stops, well, it stops the expenditure of the money and it stops the enforcement.”

But without a repeal, he said, “it will grow back on us like a malignant tumor would grow back on us. So I want to pull it all out by the roots.”

While Republicans are promising to replace the current law with a more piecemeal approach that would include reforms to the insurance market, King said he’s willing to tell those helped by the current law that they’d be out of luck.

“I’m willing to do that — I’m willing to say we can’t afford it. They all know we can’t afford it,” King said.

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