Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Votes to Repeal ObamaCare 245-189

The Obamacare Disaster
This is a great first step. Republicans are showing they are serious in their campaign promise to stop Obamacare. Of course, Harry Reid is too cowardly too bring repeal up for a vote in the Senate and President Obama would likely veto any repeal bill that reached his desk. The next move is to starve Obamacare to death by withholding all funding for anything relating to the bill.

(USA Today)- After a heated midterm election, the Republican-led House easily passed legislation to repeal the nation’s sweeping health care law.

The vote was 245-189. There were four Democrats that voted for repeal.

Overturning the law was a major campaign plank for Republicans in the 2010 elections, and many of the House’s nearly 100 new lawmakers promised to repeal the law that was pushed by President Obama and congressional Democrats.

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