Monday, January 17, 2011

Team Obama spends $7 million to study “Environmental Justice”

Environmental Justice: Law, Policy & Regulation
WTH is “Environmental Justice”? It sounds like another way to flush $7 million of our tax dollars to a bunch of lefties.
Not even sure what the “Environmental Justice” noted in the headline above might be about? It’s likely that neither are most other Americans but that doesn’t prevent President Obama’s EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, from sending $7 million of the taxpayers’ money to dozens of groups mounting academic and propaganda campaigns organized around that theme.

Judicial Watch reports that Jackson’s agency announced late last week that the $7 million will be awarded ”to study how pollution, combined with stress and other social factors, affects people in ‘poor and under-served communities.’ The agency refers to it as cumulative human health risk assessment research and the goal is to rid under-served communities of extensive pollution-based problems.”

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