Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Of Al-Qaeda Propagandist Samir Khan: "no US official has...offered us any condolences,”

They want "condolences" from the U.S. Government? We should charge them for the hellfire missile.
(AFP) — The family of a Pakistani-American al-Qaeda propagandist who died in an air strike in Yemen has hit at the US government for killing their “law-abiding” son.

Samir Khan, who was the editor of Inspire, al-Qaeda’s English-language magazine, was killed alongside US-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki last week in a suspected US drone strike.

But his family, who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, condemned the military operation and defended Khan in a statement released to a local newspaper and broadcasters after days of intense media scrutiny.

“It has been stated in the media that Samir was not the target of the attack; however no US official has contacted us with any news about the recovery of our son’s remains, nor offered us any condolences,” they said.
“As a result, we feel appalled by the indifference shown to us by our government,” the statement added.

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