Monday, October 10, 2011

Harlem Holds Pro-Obama Rally. Only a Few Dozen Show Up.

If President Obama can't generate any enthusiasm in Harlem, where can he?
(NYDN) — Dozens of people rallied at a “Harlem Tea Party” Sunday in support of President Obama’s reelection bid – and called for a more civil tone in the presidential race.

“This is a Harlem tea party,” said Chet Whyte, director of Harlem 4 Obama. “This is about ‘civilitea.’ But don’t let the smooth taste fool you.”

“Our premise is that we have allowed the Tea Party to shape the debate,” Whyte said. “We’re going to take back the definition of tea party. They wanted to define us, we’re redefining them.”

Whyte said Harlem 4 Obama members would heed the example of those who peacefully demonstrated during the Civil Rights Movement.

“In their quiet dignity, they went up against dogs and firehouses in Selma,” Whyte said. “They came back with the moral authority.”

Oscar Carter, 65, of Harlem, told the crowd: “President Obama, we want you to know, Harlem has your back!”

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