Saturday, October 8, 2011

Misuse of Public Money: Obama Still Paying For Obamacare Google Ads

Shouldn't Obama have to report this advertizing propaganda as a campaign expense?
If you type “Obamacare” into Google and then click on the first link that usually comes up, you’ll learn all about Obamacare from the most unbiased source imaginable — the Obama administration. The link will take you to, where you’ll learn that Obamacare is all about “bringing down health care premiums,” “improving health care quality and efficiency,” “making care more affordable,” “reducing paperwork and administrative costs,” spawning “new innovations to bring down costs” (this heading introduces the Independent Payment Advisory Board), “ensuring free choice,” “preventing disease and illness,” and, of course, “promoting individual responsibility.” Really, when it’s described like that, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would oppose the president’s signature legislation.

How is it, you might ask, that — which is neither the talk of the town nor the home page of all that many Americans — somehow comes up first when you type in a term as widely used as “Obamacare”? Because your tax dollars are financing that paid link. I reported in January that this was happening and in February that it was still happening — and it continues to happen today. As President Obama moves into full campaign mode, he and his secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, are using your tax dollars to help ensure that those who want to learn more about Obamacare will learn it from them.

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