Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama finally finds something he is heartbroken about

Unfortunately it isn't the disaster his socialist policies have inflicted on the U.S. economy. President Obama is heartbroken the NBA season start will be delayed.
(The Hill)President Obama said Tuesday that he’s “a little heartbroken that the NBA season is getting delayed” at a fundraiser in Orlando with Magic star Dwight Howard.
NBA commissioner David Stern announced Monday that at least the first two weeks of the basketball season would be cancelled after players and owners were unable to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. Obama said he had discussed the situation backstage with Howard, and hopes to see players back on the court “soon.”
The president is an unabashed basketball fan, often playing pickup games with staff and friends. The president attended an NBA game between the Washington Wizards and his hometown Chicago Bulls. Last August, Obama invited a dream team of NBA greats to play basketball with him on his birthday.

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