Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sad: Many college students at George Mason University don't know what caused 9-11

Unless you are pursuing an engineering or science degree, college is becoming a waste of time....

Via IJR:
Never forget?
When college students at George Mason University are asked by the Young America’s Foundation what caused 9-11, several give baffling or just plain wrong answers about the largest terrorist attack in U.S. history. This is an inexcusable failure of the U.S.’ education system and the major news media.
The 9-11 terrorist attacks fundamentally changed Americans’ way of life and its foreign policy for the last fourteen years. On that harrowing morning in 2001, two planes struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Two other planes were hijacked: one struck the Pentagon building, and the other was brought down by brave passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 over Pennsylvania.
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