Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unexpected: Trump's poll numbers are rising with Republican women...

This will drive liberals and feminists crazy. 
Washington (CNN)For any other presidential candidate, making off-color — and arguably sexist — comments about a female competitor would likely result in an insurmountable problem with women voters.
Not so for Donald Trump. At least not yet.
A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Trump has increased his lead among Republican women, boosting his share to 33% of women voters, up from 20% a month ago.
The real estate tycoon has repeatedly defied the normal rules of politics, building his standing among almost every GOP demographic group and leaving his opponents scrambling for how to respond. Jeb Bush said that Trump couldn’t insult his way to the White House, yet Trump’s insult-heavy strategy appears to be working, as Bush sits at 9% in the polls.
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