Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barack Obama's original birth record seems classified

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about Barack Obama's place of birth. There are several lawsuits demanding Obama prove he is a natural born citizen. The Obama team has fought these lawsuits on the grounds that the plaintiffs have no standing. This is a legal term meaning they didn't directly suffer any material harm. I find it strange that Obama has not contested these lawsuits based on them being factually incorrect. He would only have to submit his original longer form Certificate of Live Birth to show what hospital he was born in, who his father was and the doctor that delivered him's signature to end all these suits. This is not to be confused with the shorter electronically generated Certification of Live Birth that Obama has posted on his website. Instead he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars arguing the plaintiffs have no standing. I think he should spend the $12 and get a certified copy of the original long for birth certificate and present it at a news conference. What is he hiding? I make no claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but his strategy makes no sense to me from a legal standpoint.You can read more at this site.

Here is a video covering several issues relating to Obama being a natural born citizen.

Here is a video by a Dr. Polarik(a pseudonym) claiming Obama's posted COLB is an electronic forgery.

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