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Why Barak Obama's birth record is important

This is the most thoughtful and coherent comment I have read on this issue. I wish I had written this comment. This writer goes to he heart of the issue and does it in a very unbiased way.
Really? (#129849)
by Hank Rand on December 6, 2008 at 9:44 PM
"What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on US soil? Advocates of this destructive campaign will argue that the Constitutional principle regarding the qualifications for President trumps all others. But how viable will our Constitution be if 5 Supreme Court justices should decide to void 64 million ballots?"

A proponent of the reality that there is an outstanding question that exists relating to Barack Obama's natural born citizenship (not that I have an answer, but rather simply that no answer has been given), my personal opinion is that this has less to do with the merit of this particular Constitutional law...and more to do with the character and integrity of a man who may have gone to such great lengths to, knowingly, break it. And in that course of action, our entire country (not just those who didn't vote for him) and our most coveted process of Democracy (our vote), were defrauded.

If he's found to be ineligible per the Constitution, proving he knowingly and willfully defrauded our people and process, it won't be the Justices who will have disenfranchised 64 million voters. It's Barack Obama. How many times are you prepared to claim "you fell down the stairs" for this man? I was an initial supporter. I started seeing very real and very questionable issues raised about the nature of his past associations, and the laughable explanations he would give...and I was sure it would hurt him in the press and among supporters. But what did I see? The press and most supporters to engrossed in their partisanship to care. In fact, the more reasonable questions came up about him...the harder the press and the 64 million that same press brainwashed, drove to the hoop for him. As I stood back watching this, again, as an initial supporter of his, even making phone calls on his behalf...I realized what I was seeing, was nothing short of WEIRD. Just, plain, weird.

And I thought this birth certificate issue (check that, "Certificate of Live Birth" opposed to "Certification of Live Birth") was cleared up a long time ago. I thought there was no way the DNC would have been capable of such a gross oversight. Then the court cases came up, and nothing was done to quell the question. What finally landed me understanding that something is not right, is when Chiyome Fukino, Director of Health for Hawaii, released the statement about his birth. That statement actually did more harm than good, and it only demonstrated further how moronic far too many public officials and people in the media and governing bodies, think Americans are.

Sure, America has it's slew of idiots. And sure, the aisle that questions Barack Obama's natural born and/or properly maintained citizenship statuses has it's smattering of fringe wingnuts. But just because one contingent of people happen to be on board, doesn't nullify the fact that the question is still outstanding. I hear the same 5 refutations over, and over, and over. "He posted his birth certificate on his website", "Factcheck proved it", "The state of Hawaii released a statement saying he was born there", "There was a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper", "Judges meritoriously threw it out as 'frivolous'"; and while each of those statements hold an element of truth, they're also easily debunked. And "truth" is objective. There is no debunking it. We should be able to move past this on to more subjective and productive lines of communication...with all the dissent we're accustomed to...forging, like competition, improvement. But here we are. And one man can answer this objective question. And sure, not everyone will get on board if he were to release his college records and actual Certificate of Live Birth (as opposed to the factually less credible, more easily attained and more easily forged "Certification" - which bears no corroborating evidence like the hospital or doctor's name)...but many would get on board. Coming off a platform of transparency, directly in to a promised pursuit for unity...why leave so many of us divided on what is a simple and objectively debunked question? If the Certification is authentic, the it's more credible parent - the Certificate, exists. But rather than produce it, he has fought those requests so fiercely that he's allowed the same requests to land in court rooms...where he continues to fight them. Why? So rather than quell the reasonable, objective and easily answered outstanding question...he opts non disclosure. I wrote somewhere else that the production of Certificate of Live Birth is a very small price t pay for unity. And yet, here we are. And Barack Obama, and Barack Obama only, is responsible for that. I am certain of that beyond any reasonable doubt, because Barack Obama, and Barack Obama only, can quell it...with an actual Certificate of Live Birth, and he has watched requests transition to court cases, and still refuses. So as a first order of business, in a promised pursuit for unity, he leaves us divided, on what should be a very simple, very objective, very basic matter. Who among us can applaud that? "I do, Hank. Because you're all just whackjobs." That's all well and good if that's your opinion. My brother said to me, "Yeah but if we pull him out, we're going to look corrupt to the rest of the world." I replied, "I'd rather look corrupt and not be it, than be corrupt and not look it." So goes my position on being called a whackjob, for maintaining through nothing more than logic and fact, that there is a still outstanding question regarding Barack Obama's natural born and properly maintained citizenship statuses. I'd rather be called a whackjob and stand by truth, than submit to mistruths and be called sound.

I didn't hear any of the 5 standard press talking points in your piece, which leads me to believe the transition I anticipated is occurring. That is, virtually all of supporters (and I don't know if you were one prior to November 4th or not), will go from, "He didn't commit fraud. He is a natural born citizen", to "So what if he committed fraud. So what if he isn't a natural born citizen." I've challenged others, staunch supporters in fact, as to whether or not they'd concede a gross misstep in character and judgement, and support his being held accountable for that, if he did commit this fraud. They've uniformly claimed they would. This article, blog, whatever it is...demonstrates the first piece I've actually seen that goes out of it's way to say, "No. I wouldn't. Barack Obama can lie, cheat and steal all he wants. And if he gets held accountable for it, it's the fault of the Justices...because Barack Obama himself, is simply incapable of wrongdoing."

Running that red light you sit at, day after day, when no one is looking, is pretty harmless too. But you know it's wrong. This man, if not a natural born and properly maintained citizen of the United States, will have knowingly and willfully cheated our entire country, and more critical than that - our absolutely, inherently, unquestionably most coveted process of democracy - in what can only be articulated as a relentless pursuit for unapologetic, integrity-free, and division-inducing pursuit for power.Link.


Anonymous said...

My mother always knew when I did something wrong and attempted to withhold information. Just the fact that I was withholding information let her know that I was guilty as hell. So, based on the "Wisdom of Mother", something relating to Obama's citizen status stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

It's his private life !

Wait, that's what they said about Clinton.

Umm, let's see.

It's not his fault his mother married a Kenyan !

That's it, that's what they'll say.

Anonymous said...

Well Said, Intellectual Redneck; but for all the ire and verbage engendered by Obama and the DNC's extraconstitutional gambit, we
are still getting the green light for Jan. 20, '09. It's a go according to all manner of signs for President Barack Obama.

The Media is chortling about his new cabinet appointments and favoring us with cute asides, determined to entertain and inform
the public that the coming years are going to be better--change on the way, a fresh breeze ablowin.
The whole world awaits America's debut of international inclusiveness....

All this to distract and asuage our latent concerns. The chance that anything will accrue in the way of sensible jurisprudence from the SOTUS is zero to none. They want to appear above the fray; they can't involve their high office in partisan politics. Appearance is everything; truth was left on the courthouse steps during other occasions. If the Supreme Court will not defend the U.S. Constitution, who will?

Get ready to endure four or more years of do-nothing politics as entrenched interests gather momentum. Can you say North American Union?

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely right, it is not Obama's fault his mother married a Kenyan. SO WHAT! If he isn't legally qualified, then HE ISN'T. We can't control how we enter this world. Saying that, you may as well vote Schwarzenegger for President in 2012. Oh and throw our silly old constitution out the door. Apparently we don't need it anymore. A mob of morons like Obama whether he is lawfully President or not. The rules don't apply to him. Nice. If he is above the law already, what will he REALLY do as President?

Ted said...

The choice facing the Supreme Court boils down to civil unrest to protect the Constitution or civil war to proceed to ‘inaugurate’ a non-”natural born citizen”.

Anonymous said...

I have written about this issue on my blog & I just have one question.How in the heck did Obama make it this far if he is not a U.S. citizen? If we all live in a country where whole states,like Hawaii,have conspired to get one man elected,we better move quick. You folks keep saying "the media",as if they aren't being controlled.Who the heck owns the media? It sure isn't a bunch of democrats!Rememember "the mainstream media" allowed George Bush to operate as he did without question.The media follows public opinion. When George Bush was popular,he could do no wrong in "the media". It wasn't until they found out that he lied about weapons of mass destruction that they started to vilify him.
This country has gone down the tubes because of both parties!I hope that,as an Intellectual Redneck, your only concern is not Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate.Are we really giving George Bush a pass by diverting attention away from the war crimes that he is guilty of? A war in Iraq that has helped throw this country into debt,it wasn't just the mortgage crisis alone. So,I am not going to go off on a tangent about a matter I have no way of independently verifying.This "birth record malarky" should have been sorted out long before now.Right now,George Bush is the president that is destroying America.I guess this is the last chance to get Obama because he's taking office on Jan. 20. Which is despicable because America would have been deceived by Obama,right? Well,guess what? George Bush has withheld pertinent information from Americans for the past 8 years! If Bush's blatant dishonesty doesn't matter to you, then why does it matter if Obama is being deceptive about this or anything else.
Let's make them all honest.Because as a patriot, I should question the motives & intentions of every president,whether they are a Democrat or Republican.All those concerned about Barack Obama should question themselves if you aren't outraged by all that George Bush has done!

Bluegrass Pundit said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have written about this issue on my blog & I just have one question.How in the heck did Obama make it this far if he is not a U.S. citizen? If we all live in a country where whole states,like Hawaii,have conspired to get one man elected,we better move quick. You folks keep saying "the media",as if they aren't being controlled.Who the heck owns the media? It sure isn't a bunch of democrats!"

It is hard to understand how you think the media gave George Bush a pass. The weekend before his first election, FOX news outed his drunk driving arrest and almost cost him the 2000 election. In 2004, CBS tried to torpedo him with the 'fake, but accurate documents' form the Texas Air National Guard. There is a lot about President Bush I do not like. However, there is no doubt that the media would be all over this issue if there was any question of his ability to be President under the Constitution. The MSM gave Barack Obama a pass on his birth record, his college records, his membership in the Socialist 'New Party' in the 90's and his connections to Bill Ayers and other very questionable characters. I think Obama won fairly(even if he had a lot of help from the MSM) and should be President if he is Constitutionally qualified. However, his refusal to provide the original birth certificate is very troubling and raises many question.

Anonymous said...

I just took a poll among the 67 million Americans who voted for Mr. Obama. The resounding response about this 'burning' controvery surrounding his citizenship was "who gives a crap?".

Get it? After watching WASPs destroy our way of life over the past decades, we don't care if Martians took over at this point. Anything is better than what we've seen, especially these past 8 years. Comprende?

Anonymous said...

Comments from Progressives again show their overall disregard for rules and the truth. They fail to understand the difference between the objective and the subjective- as everything is open to interpretation for their benefit.

Given their predilections to always be on the correct side of an issue after the outcome is known, it will be interesting to observe the epileptic-like contortions should Obama be shown a fraud. How many sacrifices will be made to save the Democratic Party from those no name bureaucrats that perpetrated this completely unforeseen and unfortunate misunderstanding?

Progressives are suggesting that the birth certificate issue is a tactic to steal the election. I for one am merely seeking the truth based on my belief that all that is good comes from the truth, no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient it may be. Should the Obama kerfuffle be proven valid, the results of the election are forever tainted and "what ifs" will abound. My preference is to let the Democrats have the office for which they so fiercely, albeit ignobly, fought- along with all the realities birthed from their idiotic policies. As the people begin to understand that politicians, Democrats in particular, view them as uninformed dolts looking for hand outs, the people will strive to become the informed and self reliant citizens that the founding fathers envisioned.

Obama very well may go down in history as the most influential persona in the rebirth of America's traditional values. The very same values which built America into the most powerful country in history and the envy of the world. The very same values that Obama had hoped to change.

J. Parker

Anonymous said...

Intel Redneck, hello! Someone cross posted this piece on my truthisgold blog--it was so good that I sought out your site so I could add it to my blogroll. Thank you for such a well thought piece.

The Constitutional crisis we face is the worst since secession, and we all know how THAT turned out. It is deeply troubling to even think about the road ahead if this Pretender is permitted to continue to crash his way in through voter fraud coup. More disturbing still is the number of people that seem to have bought his line of nonsense hook line and sinker. That being said, it is clear that he only "won" due to his "organizing" experience and ACORN'S diligent strongarm tactics.

We must now pray that the Supreme Court is made of the stuff for which it was created, for we have never needed it more than we do right now.


Hank Rand said...

I just started posting some stuff and did a quick google search. The first link that came up was from a site that ultimately linked me here. I wasn't sure if I was the "intellectual redneck" they were referring to, or if Horowitz was...or what. A big "Now I get it" I am.

I'm glad you appreciated this piece. I posted it almost hastily, and later published a revised version to ireport - and to my blog. It's linked here, if you're interested: .

Also, please check out "Small Price to Pay for Unity" (, which I just this evening learned has been posted to several other sites. I don't check back here for comments. I'm an outside b2b sales guy and have already sacrificed a lot of time harping on these critical matters. While I know how important it is, the internet is just too big to stay on top of everything that happens out here. That being said, if you want to contact me personally...please do so by way of a comment at either of my message boards (ireport or, just do a search for "hank rand" and "blog")...and we can communicate there. Also, in these remaining, critical weeks, days and hours...please encourage those you know who care about this, to regularly monitor google news results. Click "news" at the top of the google page, run searches for "obama 'birth certificate'", sort by date, and stay on the comments sections informing not just other posters...but also the journalists who provide the misinformation, of the ultimate truth...which ironically, is that no actual truth has yet been established - as it relates to this matter. Thanks and take care.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your intelligent comment on my blog.

That attitude of, "so what if he's not a natural born citizen" can carry some dire consequences for us as a nation.

There's a reason the Constitution was written. If we'd abide by it's principles - gosh, we'd be so much better off!

Anonymous said...

Hank said it best. It's tough to improve upon it. I just might like to add that wuth the extra 30 Mil Obama seems to have from his campaign he could use 12 of those ill-gotten bucks to order an original birth certificate and kill all these rumors.
He will not, for 2 reasons: they are NOT rumors (he cannot produce one) and he's so darn arrogant that he just could be the first narcissist within a democracy.

Anonymous said...

43 days until the White House is vacant !!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...