Saturday, October 16, 2010

Controversial Anti-Obama Billboard Taken Down After Threats

The left shows it's intolerance again. An Anti-Obama billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado has been removed after threats. Previously, leftists tried to set an anti-Obama billboard in Gladewater, TX on fire because it compared Obama to Castro. Leftists also torched a semi-trailer twice and burned a man's house over the message "Democrats - Party of the Parasites."

The Grand Junction Sentinel reported:
Downey said the owners of the billboard company, Bud’s Signs, removed it after receiving threats from people who didn’t care for it.

Its artist, Paul Snover, said Thursday the controversial billboard that depicted Obama in several caricatures would remain for at least a month. He didn’t return e-mails or telephone calls to say why it’s been taken down, or if it would appear elsewhere.

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