Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did Sheriff Dupnik drop the ball with Jared Loughner?

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik has been in the news a lot lately. He is one of the most outspoken liberals in Pima County and has seized this tragedy to attack Rush Limbaugh and anyone to the right of his liberal views. Is this a smokescreen to cover his butt? It has been previously reported that death threats by Jared Loughner had been repeatably reported to Sheriff Dupnik's office. Now we learn the Sheriff's department had been dispatched several times to the home where Jared L. Loughner lived with his family.
(NY Times) — The police were sent to the home where Jared L. Loughner lived with his family on more than one occasion before the attack here on Saturday that left a congresswoman fighting for her life and six others dead, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department said on Tuesday.

A spokesman, Jason Ogan, said the details of the calls were being reviewed by legal counsel and would be released as soon as the review was complete. He said he did not know what the calls were about — they could possibly have been minor, even trivial matters — or whether they involved Jared Loughner or another member of the household.
Why did Sheriff Dupnik fail to take stronger actions? Is it incompetence or something else. Jared Loughner's mother is a Pima County employee. Reportedly, Jared Loughner has had three criminal charges against him, all of which were dismissed for completing “a diversion program?”

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Dupnik is in full cover-up mode.