Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outrage: Demo Steny Hoyer Claims Tea Partiers Come From “Unhappy Families”

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What a moron. Steny Hoyer Claims Tea Partiers come from “Unhappy Families.”
(IBD)- On the eve of his demotion by voters from House Majority Leader to House Minority Whip, Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., Hoyer offered this insight into the psychology of the Tea Party movement:
There are a whole lot of people in the Tea Party that I see in these polls who don’t want any compromise. My presumption is they have unhappy families. All of you have been in families: single-parent, two-parents, whatever. Multiple parent and a stepfather. The fact is life is about trying to reach accommodation with one another so we can move forward. That is certainly what democracy is about. So if we are going to move forward compromise is necessary.

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