Friday, January 14, 2011

UAW Threatens to brand transplants as “human rights violators” for resisting unionization

UAW U Ain't Working PINBACK BUTTON 1.25" Pin Badge Anti- Union Bailout
One of the reasons transplant auto companies have been more successful is their workforces haven't been organized by the UAW. Now that the UAW owns significant portions of GM and Chrysler, they want to level the playing field.

(Autoblog)- United Auto Workers president Bob King wants to reverse the UAW’s eroding course, and one of the best ways to strengthen its position is through increased membership. The Detroit News reports that King and company are looking to bring the power of one to the nearest transplant automaker producing vehicles in the U.S. King says that he wants foreign automakers to know that the UAW has learned from past mistakes and that the rank and file is not “the evil empire.” Good to know, right? Well…

After King informed the transplants that the dark side has no power over the UAW, he then went on to tell automaker management at Toyota and Honda that efforts to block the right to fair bargaining will be branded “human rights violators.”

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