Friday, January 7, 2011

UFC Fighter Gets Secret Service Visit For Wanting To fight Obama Next

UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann said in an interview he wanted to fight President Obama next,
"Somebody's Got To Knock Some Sense Into That Idiot."
A moonbat who worked for the Obama campaign called the Secret service and claimed Volkmann threatened President Obama. He go a visit from the Secret Service and police.
...Volkmann told “I went out there and the guy introduced himself and said he was from the Secret Service and he wanted to ask me some questions about UFC 125 and my quote. He said there were people calling in to D.C. telling them that somebody, me, was threatening the President.”

The Secret Service showed up both at his residence and during a youth wrestling camp he coaches.
Volkmann thinks he knows who is responsible.
“The thing is, I got home and I checked my e-mail and I had about 20 e-mails and one of them, one of ladies had actually contacted the FBI and the Secret Service, and she was telling me that she was going to do it.”

The person who contacted Volkmann, according to the fighter, was a member of the election committee that worked for President Obama’s campaign.

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Here is a video of the interview. The Obama comment is at the 3:00 mark of the video.

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