Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Barking Moonbat Harry Belafonte: Herman Cain a “Bad Apple” In The Black Community

A bad apple? Herman Cain should be considered a role model for all Americans of any color.
Inspired by the work ethic and character of his parents, Herman continued his education by earning his Master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University while working full-time developing fire control systems for ships and fighter planes for the Department of the Navy. Though Herman enjoyed using his talents as a civilian employee for the Navy, he gravitated towards the culture of business...
Energized by overcoming the many obstacles of his job at Burger King, Herman took on the biggest challenge of his career. He accepted the call to become the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a company that was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. In just 14 months, Herman returned Godfather’s to profitability and he led his management team to a buyout of the company. ...
 Through these and other appearances on behalf of the National Restaurant Association, Herman began working with business leaders across all sectors of the American economy. This led to his acceptance of a position on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and he was subsequently elected their chairman. In this role, he analyzed economic conditions in the region and notified the Federal Reserve of how their policies should respond.

Barking moonbat Harry  Belafonte clams Cain lacks intelligence and had "good fortune." Whatever you say about Herman Cain, he is very bright and a self-made man.


franksalterego said...

So, the message to the Black Community from this clown is:

Do not work hard.. Do not be ambitious.. Do not even TRY to succeed.

If you do, you'll be castigated by "Real" black people, and condescending whites.

Is it ANY WONDER, jails are full of black people?.. With "friends" like this?

Harry Belafonte clams Cain lacks intelligence and had "good fortune."

As if, acting and singing requires a brain bigger than a microbe.. As if, this clown wasn't blessed with "good fortune"

What a despicable human being.

Da Curly Wolf said...

idiot. what do you expect from hollyweird.