Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It is President Obama's nanny state policies that are making Americans soft

President Obama was criticized by Eric Cantor, Rick Perry and others for claiming America has gotten a "little soft." The truth is President Obama and Democrats are working hard to implement a nanny state that offers Americans the opportunity to go soft. Obama and Democrats are now trying to extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. That is almost two full years. Obama has been paying states to add people to the food stamp rolls which now encompass record numbers. Soon, Obamacare will offer many more Americans free or heavily subsidized health care. President Obama and Democrats are working hard to expand the nanny state and make good old-fashioned hard work unnecessary. Almost half of Americans now live in households that get some sort of government benefit. Meanwhile, farmers in Colorado can't hire enough Americans to pick their crops even though they are paying $10.50 an hour and Colorado has an 8.5% unemployment rate. When Obama claimed Americans are getting a "little soft," it is a prophecy he is working to fulfill.
(NYT)- Six hours was enough, between the 6 a.m. start time and noon lunch break, for the first wave of local workers to quit. Some simply never came back and gave no reason. Twenty-five of them said specifically, according to farm records, that the work was too hard. On the Harold farm, pickers walk the rows alongside a huge harvest vehicle called a mule train, plucking ears of corn and handing them up to workers on the mule who box them and lift the crates, each weighing 45 to 50 pounds.

“It is not an easy job,” said Kerry Mattics, 49, another H-2A farmer here in Olathe, who brought in only a third of his usual Mexican crew of 12 workers for his 50-acre fruit and vegetable farm, then struggled to make it through the season. “It’s outside, so if it’s wet, you’re wet, and if it’s hot you’re hot,” he said.
Still, Mr. Mattics said, he can’t help feeling that people have gotten soft.

“They wanted that $10.50 an hour without doing very much,” he said. “I know people with college degrees, working for the school system and only making 11 bucks.”

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