Monday, October 3, 2011

Obvious: Obama admits American People "Not Better Off" Than They were Four Years Ago

The graphic posted below this excerpt details the disaster President Obama has been for Americans.
(ABC News) — Calling himself an “underdog,” President Obama today said the faltering economy is a drag on his presidency and seriously impairing his chances at winning again in 2012.
“Absolutely,” he said to a question by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos about whether the odds were against him come November 2012, given the economy. “I’m used to being the underdog. But at the end of the day people are going to ask — who’s got a vision?
The American people, he conceded, are “not better off” than they were four years ago.
“The unemployment rate is way too high,” he said of the 9 percent jobless rate, the highest in half a century.
Obama said his American Jobs Act will put construction workers, teachers and veterans to work and give “more consumers more confidence.”
Via John E. at Ace of Spades:

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Anonymous said...

The best he can come up with is "Who's got a vision?" Are you kidding me! (Yes, I left off the expletive, although I REALLY wanted to use it!!) Do you really think ANYONE gives a good you-know-what about O's vision? We've all had enough of the Hope & Change and we're really looking forward to 2012 so we can show him just how much we are all hoping for a change.

We've got rioting in the streets, stirred up by O's socialist zombie friends and he's yet to say a word or call any of them off. Instead he continues to allow them to stir the hornets nest and create unrest in our country.

Can he please go back to his homeland of Kenya and leave America alone? Go play the muslim games somewhere else where they get his Islamic ideals! America doesn't want this garbage on her shores anymore!