Wednesday, October 12, 2011

President Obama declares himself a "warrior for the middle class"

President Obama is closer to a "metrosexual" than a warrior.

(Palm Beach Post) — President Obama visited Orlando late today to collect campaign cash and tout his doomed $447 billion jobs bill while sipping beer with four unemployed construction workers.

Slumping in the polls and facing roadblocks on Capitol Hill, where his job bill stalled in the Senate later in the evening, Obama urged about 400 supporters at a downtown Sheraton hotel to summon “that same sense of urgency we had in 2008. Let’s meet this moment.”

Obama proclaimed himself a “warrior for the middle class” in his remarks at the Sheraton, where attendees paid between $44 and $250 to see the president.

He told the crowd that America is a nation of “rugged indivualists.” But, he added, “there’s always been this other thread in our history that says we’re all connected, we’re in this together. There are some things we can only do together as a nation.” Keep on reading...


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!!!!

Da Curly Wolf said...

Okay if he's a 'warrior for the middle class' then why is all the money he's given away gone to companies owned by friends, supporters and the rest of the money he's given away has gone to the goddamn SEIU and other unions. ain't that just a LITTLE hypocritical Obama you lying jug eared fop?