Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dirty Demos Update: Demo aide pleads guilty to sending fake emails that derailed California House GOP candidate...

 Scum like this should receive life in prison. They are damaging our Democracy and the faith of voters in our system. Of course, democrats think all is fair if they win...
But the final weeks of the campaign focused to a large degree on allegations made by a former DeMaio staff member. His campaign never recovered, and DeMaio blamed his defeat on the charges and the Peters campaign’s alleged role in spreading them.
On Friday, the ex-staffer admitted in federal court that he lied when he claimed to have gotten anonymous emails threatening that he would never work again in politics if he revealed things about DeMaio.
Todd Bosnich, 29, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice by lying to the FBI about the emails. Until Friday, it was not known publicly that the federal government was investigating the emails.
During the campaign, Bosnich had told reporters that he was ”positive” that the emails came from DeMaio or someone close to him.
But in his guilty plea, Bosnich admitted that he sent the emails himself through a dummy account and then took the emails to the Peters campaign who turned them over to the San Diego Police Department.

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