Sunday, June 7, 2015

The French are threatening to block Iran nuke deal if there are no inspections of military sites...

Sacre Bleu! The French are tougher than Obama.

Reuters reports that Iran and the six world powers resumed negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program yesterday, seeking to iron out their remaining differences before the June 30 deadline.
A framework accord had been reached between Iran, the United States, France, Britain,Germany, Russia and China on April 2, but several issues remain to be resolved, among them monitoring and verification measures and access for U.N. nuclear inspectors to Iranian military sites – which Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s top military commanders flatly refuse to allow.
As Iranian deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi put it,
Inspection and access to non-nuclear and military sites will not be accepted by Iran. Controlled and managed access does not mean inspection. We are trying to set some rules for managed access to non-nuclear sites.
France said last week it would block any nuclear settlement that does not allow inspectors access to all installations, including military sites.

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