Monday, December 20, 2010

The coming collapse in the state budgets (video)

This CBS 60 Minutes segment is well worth watching. Many states are broke and a major crisis is imminent.

State governments need more common sense.

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Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

You know this segment reminded me of a couple decades ago when my wife and I believed we could borrow our way to utopia.

Didn't happen.

All it did was force us to rethink our avenue of getting to our goal.

Lucky for us, we simply cut up our credit cards, except for one, and quit believing that utopia even exists at all.

Our Local, State and Federal Governments need to understand that there is NO WAY they will create a utopia. It has been tried tens, if not hundreds of times throughout history, and EVERY time it has been a miserable failure.

It is unbelievable to me that our Government officials don't already understand that.

Christie is obviously someone who understands that when a bill comes in, it needs to be paid with MONEY, and not credit.

Our whole Country is headed for a cliff at break neck speed. Bush's largest deficit was about 1/3rd of what Obama's deficits have been, and now the powers that be believe that we need to continue to pay people who have been without work for almost 2 years, another years worth of benefits.

It's pitiful. This Congress has passed, and Obama signed the bill that not only left Bush's tax cuts in place for another 2 years, WITHOUT the CUTS in spending needed to pay for that extension, but attached to that tax cut extension was another years worth of unemployment benefits, again without ANY way to pay for it.

I am ashamed of our Country.

While I'm on my "soap box", this is slightly off topic, but it "kind of" goes along with this:

Didn't we just have an election where quite a few members of Congress were "told" that "we the people" didn't like they way they were governing, and replaced them with others who we can only hope "get it"?

Why in the he!! is this Congress passing all of these bills? They are giving the Country the finger.

They passed the tax extensions, they tried to pass an Omnibus Spending bill with ALMOST 7,000 pork projects in it, they are about to pass an "overhaul" (read TAKEOVER) of any food product you put in your mouth, including if you plant a backyard garden (the "garden" police are coming to town), they tried and failed to get "Cap and Tax" passed, and I'm sure I'm missing 5 or 6 bills passed by this "lame duck" Congress that I'm sure the members who voted for the bills believe are "best" for our Country.

I can NOT think of another example of where someone is "fired", and allowed to do the equivalent of what THIS Congress is doing to us.

They are giving us the finger, and we are allowing it.